Our Partners

Our Partners

Genprise is proud have a strong network of manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, which enables us to procure the right solutions for our clients. Our partners are spread throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East - each of them specialists in their own fields, giving our clients the widest possible choices and catering for every need possible.

Our key partners include:


Germany's most well-known lighting manufacturer, Trilux leads the industry with it's highly efficient, unmatched quality esteem the brand brings with it. Indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial, they have a product for every niche requirement and have some of the world's biggest brands as their clients.

GE Lighting

GE lighting is one of the most famous lighting brands in the world. Their lighting systems are used in a number of prestigious architectural installations around the world and lamps can be found in almost every hardware shop across the globe. No further introduction required.


SG is a Norwegian company founded in 1990, and is currently one of the leading suppliers of lighting fixtures to over 30 countries world-wide. They are known to produce quality lighting designs that are both practical to use, durable and environmentally friendly too.


Formed only in 1995, one of Europe's fastest-growing lighting manufacturers. Known for producing state-of-the-art lighting equipment and associated accessories, they export to more than 100 countries worldwide.


A UK-Based commercial lighting expert, known for their long-lasting products, exceptional quality and 5-year standard guarantee.


Based in Cambridge (UK), Pulsar has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of high quality external LED lighting fixtures and solutions in the world. Their products are proven to resist the harshest environments, and are known for the illumination of several high-profile buildings across Asia and the Middle East.


Goodlight is a brand of LED Ecolights – a UK-based retrofit lamp supplier, which has now branched out into luminaries. Hugely popular in the UK, Goodlight has revolutionised the way people use LED, and numerous awards are just reward for the innovative products and solutions they provide.

Comar Condensatori

Established in 1968, Comar Condesnsatori is one of the leading manufacturers and dealers of Capacitors & APFC equipment in the world. Chosen for reliability and quality, they are the first Capacitor Bank and Panel manufacturer to gain EDD/EWA approval in Bahrain.


Interplast is one of the most famous electrical appliances brand in the Middle East. They are known for producing a wide variety of electrical safety equipment and appliances such as safety switch, trunking system, conduits, electrical switch board, etc. and is the home of Decoduct.


Ventilux designs and manufactures a wide range of extensive lighting solutions at its base in Ireland. Specialists in emergency and exit lighting, they also can provide CBS and various other electrical components and accessories.


Searchlight are a UK-based decorative lighting company, operating out of Manchester in the north of England. An industry veteran of 70 years, they provide OEM facilities for numerous global brands, and a reputation for quality sees them a major player in the global lighting export business.

Leipziger Leuchten

Leipziger Leuchten has been in business since 1890, and has witnessed the evolution of lighting systems. Known for their street and car park lighting, they provide viable lighting solutions for both urban and rural areas. A reputation for reliability and efficiency cements their place amongst the lighting elite.

Adolf Schuch

Germany-based manufacturer and supplier of high quality explosion proof lighting fixtures. A trusted name in quality and economically priced products, Schuch is your way to go for all industrial grade, explosion-resistant lighting requirements.

British General (BG)

Britsh General has been providing excellent services with regards to manufacture and distribution of electrical accessories for the past 60 years. BG is known for its stylish and quality electrical fixtures that come with up to 30 years of guarantee!

BPM Lighting

Contemporary lighting solutions from one of Spain's leading lighting brand – fusing new technology with the latest interior trends. BPM is an interior designer's best friend.


ALS/Comparlux is one of the leading dealers of high quality interior and exterior lighting systems. The Germany-based company is known for its innovative and exquisite lighting designs.

Crompton Greaves (CG)

Crompton Greaves is an engineering conglomerate that specializes in lighting and other electrical appliances. They have wide portfolio of products that are suitable for all types of residential, commercial and industrial requirements.


EMFA is Turkey's leading external and outdoor lighting manufacturer. Their products have a modern, contemporary charm to them, and is preferred choice by many architects and interior designers for harsh external environments.


Helvar is Finnish company that specializes in LED & other lighting accessories such as relays, drivers, sensors, etc. Helvar is well known and respected brand in the industry, and popular with clients in the Middle East.


A UK-based emergency and exit lighting specialist, with a reputation for high-quality & reliable products going back almost 35 years.

Reel Tech

ReelTech are a pioneer in the lighting industry, being responsible for introduction of remote-controlled lighting lifters which allow users to safely lower lighting fixtures to the desired height and retract when required. These lighting systems are beautifully crafted and are capable of handling weights up to and above 500 kgs.

PowerPlus Cable L.L.C

PowerPlus Cables is known for manufacturing high quality cables in the Middle East. They have an expansive manufacturing unit in Fujairah (UAE) that supports its' ever growing international export business.

Power Solutions

Power Solutions Industries was founded in 2002 and has grown to be one of the best cable management systems suppliers in the Middle East. The company deals in a variety of cable management equipment and products that make it easier to work with power cables of any volume and any kind.


Teknoware has been a supplier of emergency and exit lighting lighting solutions since its inception in 1972. They currently cater to over 50 countries in the world.


TRS is a Spanish luminaire company that specializes in stylish interior lighting solutions and durable, long-lasting industrial products.